Equity of Access

State Wi-Fi Leadership for Fostering Digital Learning Ready K-12 Schools

SETDA and ENA are pleased to release this paper which explores the steps states are taking to address the wireless equity gaps that exist among their schools. Leaders from Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Utah outline the planning, policy, funding, and management approaches their state agencies or education technology leaders are adopting regarding Wi-Fi, and they share their recommendations for promoting and/or creating equitable access opportunities to high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity.

Highlights from this paper include: State Perspectives on Building Broadband and Wi-Fi Connectivity Support, State Action Plans for Fostering Digital Learning-Ready Schools, Wireless Challenges and Concerns, State Vignettes for Illinois, New_Mexico, North_Carolina, Utah, Lessons Learned, Pathways to High-Quality Wi-Fi Connectivity, Recommendations_Checklist, Conclusion & Key_Considerations.


Thank you Education Networks of America for their support of this work.

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