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  • Click here for detailed PDF on Statewide, regional (multi-state), non-profit Affiliates.
  • Click here for detailed PDF on District Affiliates.
  • Click here for detailed PDF on International Affiliates.
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SETDA’s charge is to serve, support and represent the interests and needs of state education agency leaders with respect to the use of technology for teaching, learning, and school operations. There are many high-caliber, non-profit education organizations with similar priorities. It can be be advantageous for SETDA to establish and engage in strategic partnerships with those organizations and bolster our efforts to advance education through technology policy and practice. Therefore in 2016, SETDA launched an Affiliate program to establish strategic partnerships with organizations that can extend our reach, influence and impact.

Become an Affiliate

SETDA offers four different Affiliate categories.

Statewide, regional (multi-state), non-profit membership organizations Affiliates that serve public K-12 education.
Affiliate organizations’ members must work for education agencies or state/local government or non-profits and may not include representatives from the private sector. Affiliates should support SETDA’s mission, values and work.

District Affiliates are school districts where innovative use of technology has enhanced the teaching and learning in a positive way. District Affiliates must be recommended by an existing SETDA member, affiliate or private sector partner, and must go through an application process. Affiliates should support SETDA’s mission, values and work.

Higher Education Affiliates are institutions of higher education or colleges of education that support the preparation of teachers to serve K-12 education. Affiliate organizations’ members may not include representatives from the private sector. Affiliates should support SETDA’s mission, values and work.

International Affiliates are regional, provincial or national, non-profit membership organizations that serve public K-12 education. Affiliate organizations’ members must work for education agencies or provincial/local government and may not include representatives from the private sector. Affiliates should support SETDA’s mission, values and work.

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  • Participation in 2 SETDA events/meetings: SETDA has two annual events, the Leadership Summit and Emerging Technologies Forum. The Emerging Technologies Forum and Leadership Summit are unique professional development and networking multi-day events with opportunities to learn from national and state educational leaders and private sector innovators, coupled with in-depth discussions and collaborative work. Recent topics such as professional learning, equity of access, data and student privacy, content and assessment and federal education policies have been the focus during the events. In addition, representatives from federal agencies such as the US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, FCC or Whitehouse are invited and often participate in our events. To encourage our Affiliates to attend:
    • The $500 registration fee will be waived for one designee to attend the Emerging Technologies Forum and Leadership Summit ($1000 value).
    • In addition to the one designee, who may attend (registration fee waived), an Affiliate may pay a registration fee of $500 per event, per person, for up to three (3) additional representatives to attend.
    • The Affiliate is responsible for travel expenses; SETDA will cover meals that are provided to all participants as part of each event.
  • Insight and information: Affiliates and in some cases their entire constituencies, will have access to SETDA generated information and announcements, including but not limited to the newsbrief (SETDA’s monthly newsletter), policy updates, reports, briefings, member-only webinars and public webinars. At times SETDA may make printed versions of its publications available to Affiliates for a fee.
  • Shared Thought Leadership, Networking, Standing Committee Participation and Collaboration (open to entire constituency): Opportunities to participate in meaningful dialogue with SETDA leadership and members about implementation and trends in issues, policy developments, related to digital learning including: in-depth dialogue related to broadband and device access, shifting to digital instructional materials, professional learning and personalized learning experiences. Participation in any of the four standing SETDA committees (Professional Learning, State Action, State Engagement, Strategic Partnerships) which is vital to the success of SETDA and among the best ways for
    members to contribute to and learn from their peers in other states.
  • Online Professional Learning Community: SETDA’s online professional learning community, SETDA Connects offers up to the minute updates and on- demand connections with our expanded network of members, affiliates and private sector partners.
  • Expanded Impact and Reach: SETDA is a key resource for research and best practices on access to and use of technology in education, focused on the experiences of states in supporting innovation in schools and districts. Annually SETDA works with its members to compile best practice examples, track emerging trends in state educational technology leadership, and disseminate those examples widely to state and federal leaders and the media. We also conduct ad hoc and SEA benchmarking research on topics of interest to the membership and organization, such as online assessment, broadband and the shift from print to digital instructional resources. Visit to access our current work.

Eligibility Criteria Guidelines

The following criteria will be used to determine an applicant’s eligibility. Organizations that meet all of the criteria are preferred; however, applicants will be accepted on a case-by-case basis following a review by a committee composed of SETDA state members and staff.

  • Applicant must meet the definition of an Affiliate.
  • Annual Dues of $2,500 (U.S. dollars) which includes waived registration fee $500 for one participant to attend both SETDA events ($1000 value) and Affiliates have the option to pay registration fees for additional attendees.
  • Applicants must complete a brief application
  • SETDA seeks to maintain partnerships with a cadre of Affiliates who represent a heterogeneous variety of geographic regions, roles, focus areas, and grade levels; these factors will be taken into consideration when considering prospective Affiliates.
  • State governmental agencies are not eligible to become Affiliates.

Affiliate applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are now being accepted.  Don’t delay and apply today to be part of this exciting new partnership. Higher Education has its own application, please click here.

For more information

For information on how your organization can join the Affiliate Program, please contact Tera Daniels, Director of Finance & Membership, at [email protected] or 202-715-6636 x701.


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