Registration for the Emerging Trends Forum is by invitation only, and has been emailed to SETDA members. For more information, please email Tera Daniels at [email protected].

Partnership Information

For information on how your company can become engaged with SETDA’s membership at the Emerging Trends Forum, please contact Melissa Greene at [email protected].

Emerging Trends Forum – June 14-15, 2021

SETDA’s annual Emerging Trends Forum (ET Forum) provides a venue for SETDA’s state members and private partners to engage in meaningful dialogue about topics of importance in digital learning across the nation. This year’s event has shifted to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SETDA members, affiliates, and corporate partners will have the opportunity to gather virtually, share, and discuss their major state initiatives, challenges, highlights, and priorities. Participation is limited to SETDA state members and state colleagues or invited guests from regional organizations, affiliates and potential affiliates. States may also invite a limited number of district representatives as special guests. Email Tera Daniels if you have questions about registration.

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