Interoperability Recommendations

Cover for State Education Leadership InteroperabilityState leadership is essential for developing interoperable solutions that support the best future where data is seamlessly connected and readily available for decision makers. Many states are applying interoperability solutions to existing practices, but not yet applying interoperability solutions to transform current practices to support new learning models with seamless access to data. SETDA recommends that states consider the following recommendations.

Leverage ESSA

ESSA implementation provides an opportunity to drive change as systems need to be interoperable and able to easily share data. Leveraging ESSA data reporting requirements drives interoperability efforts.

Establish Data Governance Structure

Establish a data governance board and/or comprehensive data governance structure within the state departments of education and with external partners, including the legislature, higher education, and other state agencies.

Develop a Flexible Implementation Plan

Engage in a collaborative planning process with leaders across departments to
develop a flexible interoperability implementation plan.

Share Best Practices

Share best practices, ideas and resources with state colleagues and encourage district collaboration, especially in technology and instruction.

Encourage Stakeholder Buy-In

Stakeholders and decisionmakers need to see the value of data to support student success. Encourage broad buy-in by ensuring open and regular communication and providing value back to data users.

Collaborate with Districts

Include district leaders in future plans for interoperability, including discussions of shifts in state policies and new interoperability initiatives. Establish clearly defined goals and timelines so that districts can adequately prepare to meet state requirements.

Communicate with Vendors

Develop an open communication plan and working relationship between states and vendors. States should be sure to communicate a strategic vision and plan for the implementation of interoperable data systems and provide significant lead time and support for technical developments and changes.

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