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For 20 years, SETDA has provided focused, professional learning experiences which expand members’ content knowledge, as well as developing their potential for leadership. Our events have provided opportunities for networking and collaboration that are valued by our partners as well as state leaders.Professional Learning and Community Engagement thumbnail Building consensus among national experts and sharing resources across state boundaries have been hallmarks of SETDA’s unique capacity to convene for learning. These gatherings also strengthen our advocacy presence, extend our influence, and provide opportunities for strategic outreach and partnership.

The Professional Learning and Community Engagement Plan is the result of the thoughtful consideration of our traditions, a careful analysis of these emerging possibilities, and our best thinking about how we can achieve the goals of our association. This document details our proposed efforts to help the SETDA community connect, strengthen relationships, and ultimately achieve the goals of our association.

SETDA is dedicated to a safe and educational event experience for everyone. Our Code of Conduct can be found here.


Leadership Summit

  • SETDA’s annual Leadership Summit is our flagship in-person conference. Traditionally taking place in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in mid-fall, this invitation-only event brings together SETDA state and territory members, affiliates, corporate partners, and invited guests. The Leadership Summit provides attendees with a well-established forum focused on edtech policy and practice, professional learning, networking opportunities, and collaboration activities centered around digital learning and equity.

Emerging Trends Forum

  • SETDA’s annual Emerging Trends Forum (ETF) provides a venue for public-private dialogue between state education agency staff and members of the educational technology industry around the most recent developments in the field. ETF is a virtual event, hosted in early June each year, to allow maximum participation from state agencies.

EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit

  • SETDA co-hosts the annual EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit, a unique forum designed to foster stronger dialogue between educational technology leaders and federal policymakers. In cooperation with our alliance partners, SETDA members participate in these sessions on Capitol Hill each year in the Spring.


  • The SETDA@ concept is centered on broadening our engagement in the larger edtech community, as well as capitalizing on opportunities to build relationships within the SETDA family at in-person events which they already attend throughout the year. Depending on the opportunity at any given event, SETDA would create a touch-point for our family to connect around a state-level session or social gathering for members.


Membership Webinars

  • SETDA hosts frequent professional learning-focused webinars for members and private sector partners on issues, trends and best practices information related to the use of technology in education.

Brown Bags

  • Virtual brown bag webinars are topical, interactive, informal professional learning and networking opportunities for SETDA members and private sector partners.

For the Broader Education Community

  • The State Education Policy Center (SEPC) is a database of state policies related to education and technology curated by SETDA and its members. SETDA hosts informational SEPC-themed webinars to provide insight into state innovations in SETDA priority areas.
  • The U.S. Department of Education declared October Connected Educators Month. SETDA supports the initiative by offering topical webinars on state educational technology programs and initiatives and SETDA research.

Live Streamed Press Events

  • SETDA engages in creating significant, in-depth reports and research on priority topics. When those efforts result in significant recommendations or resources for the broader education and policy communities, SETDA hosts a press event. These events are live streamed online, and feature the work and views of SETDA members, educators and other national experts.
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