2018 State K-12 Leadership


SETDA and Common Sense Kids Action‘s report, State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity and Access highlights the powerful impact of state leadership in driving critical policy decisions at the national and state level to support broadband networks, bandwidth capacity and home access for low-income families. Educators, policy makers and the private sector will benefit from organized and accessible information regarding states’ broadband and wi-fi implementation for all 50 states, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands.

The report focuses on these areas:

  • K-12 Broadband and Wi-Fi Connectivity: Internet access is no longer an afterthought in education; instead high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi are now as vital a component of K-12 school infrastructure as facilities or utilities.
  • State Leadership for Infrastructure: State leaders can promote increased connectivity for digital learning by providing guidance to schools and districts regarding best practices related to high-speed broadband adoption. The report highlights innovative examples of state broadband leadership for broadband implementation in action.
  • State Broadband Implementation Highlights: Based upon the 2015 Broadband survey of states and territories and independent research, SETDA highlights current state policies and best practices, statewide networks, state funding options and purchasing consortia opportunities.
  • State Advocacy for Federal Support of Broadband: SETDA continues to play a pivotal role in advocating for policies and funding at the federal level to support high-speed broadband networks, bandwidth capacity, community access points, and home access for low-income families.
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