• Rick Gaisford

    Utah Department of Education


    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2024

    Rick Gaisford has 35 years in education and has been involved with educational technology for over 30 years at the classroom, school, district and state levels. He has been an elementary school teacher, school technology specialist, district technology specialist and trainer, state Internet specialist and state education technology specialist. In his current state responsibilities he works with districts, schools and the the state network, UETN, on how to effectively integrate technology tools and resources into teaching and learning. He helps oversee Utah’s Digital Teaching and Learning program implemented by the Utah State Legislature in 2016. This legislation has provided over $80 million to implement a comprehensive program to effectively bring technology into all classrooms in the state and to assist in personalizing education for each student. Away from technology and work Rick enjoys spending time puttering around in his yard and garden and being Grandpa to his 7 grandchildren.

  • Melinda Fiscus

    Learning Technology Center of Illinois (Illinois State Board of Education)


    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2025

    Melinda Fiscus is the Digital Access Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois. In this role she provides networking opportunities, consulting services, professional development for school districts, and advocates for the advancement of educational technology across Illinois. She serves as one of the Illinois representatives to the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and also serves as a governing board member. She is one of the Illinois State E-rate Coordinators (SECA), and is a founding member of the Classroom Connectivity Project. Melinda is in her 21st year working in IL educational technology, and is currently excited about IL broadband opportunities and is passionate about creating immersive learning experiences for staff and students.

  • Doug Casey Headshot

    Doug Casey

    Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology

    Past Chair (Non-Voting)

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2023

    Doug Casey serves as the Executive Director for the Connecticut State Commission for Educational Technology (CET). In that role, he designs and manages strategic plans that help ensure the successful integration of technology in Connecticut’s schools, libraries, universities, and towns. The CET has direct oversight of statewide programs including the Connecticut Education Network (CEN, the state’s research and education network), its digital library (researchIT, formerly iCONN), and other initiatives.

    Prior to joining the CET, Doug served for nearly 10 years as the Director of Technology for the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) in Hartford. There he oversaw and implemented significant improvements in business processes, digital security, and information management for the agency’s 25 schools, 36 districts in the Hartford area, and schools statewide.

    Doug began his career as a middle school English teacher in Virginia after graduating from the College of William & Mary. He applied his classroom experience to educational publishing, managing communications for the Smithsonian Institution’s office of education. He later earned a master of arts degree in online communications from Georgetown University and a master of science in management information systems from George Washington University. His diverse background includes managing technology for marketing firms as well as security and systems engineering for national security agencies and the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Outside of work, Doug enjoys time with family, serving through missions, and triathlon.

  • Brad Hagg Headshot

    Brad Hagg

    Indiana Department of Education


    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2025

    Brad Hagg currently serves as the Director of Educational Technology in the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) in the areas of E-Rate, Cybersecurity, Connectivity, and Ed-Fi Data Modernization. He has worked in Indiana schools for over 22 years, serving as Director of Technology and Chief Technology Officer for two public school districts.
    Hagg has served as a board member, chairman, and president of the Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators (HECC) organization. He has also been an active member of the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) organization as well as its Indiana CTO Council chapter. He has been selected as the Technology Coordinator of the Year in Indiana and was also recognized by National School Boards Association (NSBA) as part of its “20 to Watch” Educational Technology Leaders program.
    Hagg holds a teaching license in elementary education along with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and is licensed as a school administrator. He is also a Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) and maintains other technology certifications and specializations.

  • Dorann Avey Headshot

    Dorann Avey

    Nebraska Department of Education


    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2024

    Dorann Avey is the Digital Learning Director for the Nebraska Department of Education, leading work across the state in Educational Technology and Digital Learning. In cooperation with the Future Ready Council, ESUCC and ESU’s, Dorann currently supports work to identify, develop, and share high-quality practices and strategies to build the capacity of educators, leaders, and organizations across Nebraska in all areas of technology.

    Prior to joining NDE, Dorann spent over a decade as a teacher and department chair with Lincoln Public Schools. Dorann brings a total of 17 years of teaching experience and has earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Doane University. The courses taught in those years were in the areas of computer science, technology and business which included several Dual-Credit and AP courses. In addition, she brings multiple years of experience with curriculum development and coaching for technology teachers and leaders.

  • DeLilahHeadshot

    DeLilah Collins

    Colorado Department of Education

    At-Large Member

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2024

    DeLilah Collins is director of the Grants Program Administration office at the Colorado Department of Education. In this role, she leads the development and implementation of grant tools to help Colorado districts obtain equitable access to federal and state grant funds. Prior to this role, she was assistant director in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act office, where she developed and maintained the $180M Consolidated Application for funds as well as supported LEAs in the effective use of Title I, Part A, Title II, Part A, Title III and Title IV, Part A funds. Prior to the passage of Every Student Succeeds Act, she was the Title II Part D coordinator. DeLilah serves as the K-12 education representative for Colorado Broadband Initiatives and is the state E-rate coordinator. She has a bachelor of science in information technology and has been committed to supporting education technology initiatives for the Colorado Department of Education for the past 19 years.

  • AJheadshot

    Andréa (A.J.) Coté

    Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    At-Large Member

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2023

    Andréa (A.J.) Coté, M.Ed., CETL, joins the SETDA Board eager to serve the SETDA community, to support edtech leaders nationwide, and to promote digital equity for all of our students. A.J. has more than 20 years of educational experience in the areas of digital learning, adult learning & professional development, assistive technology, and special education. A.J. dedicated the first 15 years of her career to serving in Massachusetts public school districts supporting students and educators as an Instructional Technology Specialist and nationally Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL). A.J. has been with the Massachusetts (MA) Department of Elementary and Secondary Education just shy of a decade, having worked as the Coordinator of Digital Learning and Accessibility in the Office of Digital Learning, as the Statewide Professional Development Programs Manager in the Office of Special Education Planning and Policy Development, and in her current role as the Assistant Director of Educational Technology. She has extensive experience teaching students as well as providing interactive and engaging adult professional development at the school, district, state, and national levels.  

    Outside of work, A.J. enjoys spending time with her husband and extended family, watching sports, and cuddling with her three dogs.

  • Stan Freeda

    New Hampshire Department of Education

    At-Large Member

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2023

    Stan is the State Educational Technology Director and Online Learning Specialist at the New Hampshire Department of Education.  He works out of the Office of ESEA Title Programs.  As the digital learning and literacy specialist, one of his primary responsibilities is coordinating the state’s Title IV-A Program.  As the State Educational Technology Director, he is also responsible for supporting educational technology and digital literacy in New Hampshire schools by reviewing and approving school Digital Literacy programs and providing guidance for district technology and digital learning planning.  Stan earned bachelor’s degrees in both physics and biology; and a master’s degree in limnology and oceanography. He also completed a Master of Science degree in education.  Previously a classroom science teacher, Stan taught a wide range of sciences at both the middle and high school levels.  Throughout his career, he has taught and developed science and education courses at the college level, both in the online and face-to-face environments.  He has completed advanced training in teaching and developing online courses for both children and adults, which earned him a graduate certificate in Educational Technology and Online Learning.  Along with membership in State Educational Technology Directors Association, Stan also maintains memberships in the New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education.  Stan currently represents the Department of Education on the Board of Directors for NH Agriculture in the Classroom.

  • Ann-Marie Mapes Headshot

    Ann-Marie Mapes

    Michigan Department of Education

    At-Large Member

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2023

    Ann-Marie Mapes is the Special Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent of the Division of Educator, Student, and School Supports at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). Prior to this role, she served as the Educational Technology Manager with the MDE. In that role, she spearheaded the development of Michigan’s K-12 Computer Science Standards, the refresh of the Michigan digital literacy standards, now called MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students), and the state’s openly licensed educational resources initiative working with Michigan statewide educational partner organizations.

  • Carla Wade Headshot

    Carla Wade

    CoSN; former state member (Oregon)

    Emeritus Member

    Board Term Ends: 12/31/2025

    Carla Wade is the Senior Director of External Relations at CoSN.  She is responsible for overseeing CoSN professional advancement, advocacy and partnerships, including sponsorships and engaging strategic partners.  Prior to joining CoSN, Carla served as the Digital Innovations Lead in the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).  During her 20+ years at ODE, she provided leadership in technology for learning in Oregon and nationally working with federal grants, STEM, online learning, professional development and creating state technology standards and strategic plans.  She also served as a technical advisor to the US Department of Education on digital learning, evaluation, data collection and analysis and EdFact reporting. Carla has been an active member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) serving on the Board of Directors 2006-08 and the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) where she served on the Board of Directors from 2002-2007, 2014-2020 and is now serving as the Emeritus Board member.  Carla works collaboratively with partners nationally and internationally to build and expand quality education environments where students have equitable access to technology tools, connectivity,  effective teachers and systems for learning.

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