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SETDA’s From Print to Digital: Guide to Quality Instructional Materials provides guidance to administrators and educators in the selection of instructional materials. The toolkit includes useful resources, guidance and examples that will help identify best practices when considering instructional materials including both core-instructional materials and supplemental resources.

In 2018, SETDA completed a refresh of the Guide and included new topic areas. The Planning section,  discusses curriculum standards. New topics in the Considerations section include accessibility, interoperability and student data privacy. SETDA moved the State Snapshots to a topic heading and added states. We will continue to update this section as we gather more state examples. The State Snapshots are a great way to learn how other states are reviewing instructional materials.

Topic Areas:

There’s a growing body of research finding that instructional materials can have as large an impact on student outcomes as teacher quality or reduced class size. Because of this, it is important to help provide guidance to state, district, and school level leaders in the selection of quality instructional materials that are aligned to standards and accessible for all students.

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