Essential Conditions

In the 2015 Navigating the Shift publication, SETDA identified the following essential conditions necessary for the successful acquisition and implementation of digital resources to support learning. These conditions remain relevant.

  • State Leadership: State and local leadership is vital for developing a shared vision, empowering leaders and cultivating a culture of collaboration and innovation for digital learning environments.
  • Equity of Access: Both high-speed broadband and device access, in and out of school, are critical to fully implementing digital instructional materials to support college and career goals.
  • Accessibility for All Students: Providing accessibility for all students must be a consideration when acquiring, developing and implementing digital instructional materials.
  • Interoperability Considerations: The acquisition of complementary systems that work together is a necessary condition to efficiently implement digital instructional materials and resources and maximize the benefits of those resources.
  • Student Data and Privacy: Developing and enforcing policies that supplement federal laws to protect the privacy, security and confidentiality of student data is of critical importance.
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