Broadband Imperative III Equity Access and Student Success


Broadband Imperative III CoverThe advent of new technologies and increased access to robust connectivity is reshaping the K-12 landscape for teaching and learning. School districts nationwide are leveraging digital instructional materials and resources to deliver transformative and impactful personalized learning opportunities for students and to enhance the administrative coordination of school business. Educators are striving to meet the needs of the modern workforce including the need to develop life-long learners that can adapt to ever changing jobs and careers as technology continues to disrupt the digital age workplace.

The Broadband Imperative III: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success report advocates for equitable, reliable, robust broadband access both on and off campus to prepare all students for life and work. This report builds upon SETDA’s earlier work, including it’s groundbreaking Broadband Imperative series of reports and State Broadband K12 Leadership reportsExemplars highlight states and districts where robust bandwidth has already positively impacted teaching and learning. SETDA offers the following recommendations for policy makers and school leaders:

  • Leverage Technology for Innovative Pedagogical Approaches
  • Ensure Digital Access and Equity
  • Plan for Infrastructure for the Future
  • Build Networks for the Future
  • Influence Federal & State Policies and Funding

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