PETI Evaluating Educational Technology Effectiveness

Suite of Tools

What is included in the suite of tools?
The SETDA/Metiri suite of tools includes three surveys and several site visit documents, including interview and focus group protocols. This suite of tools was built to answer the key questions from the SETDA/Metiri Assessment Framework as efficiently as possible. That means that if a question could be answered best by teachers, and correlations were high in Tier 2 and Tier 3 piloting between teacher and principal responses to that item, the item was dropped from the principal survey. While that lessens the burden to schools and districts by reducing the number of items, it also means that no one tool stands on its own. The tools are interdependent, meant to work in concert with one another. Using them any other way negates confidence in the validity and reliability of the tools as established through the pilots.

Is there a cost for the use of these tools?
The PETI suite of tools may be used at no cost, provided the user visibly acknowledges the source (© 2004 SETDA, developed in partnership with Metiri Group). Any change(s) from the original version must be so noted.


Site Visitation Documents

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