SETDA Leadership Summit 2021

2021 Leadership Summit

November 8 & 9, 2021

Zoom meeting with nine SETDA members

Partnership Information

For information on how your company can become engaged with SETDA’s membership at the Leadership Summit, please contact Melissa Greene at [email protected].

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2021 Leadership Summit

Overview: Envisioning a New Era of State Leadership

In a world where technology is increasingly ubiquitous and digital learning has taken on a much more prominent role, state leadership must also evolve. Collaborative technology has played a pivotal role in students’ learning experiences during the pandemic, and this has implications for educational technology and digital learning leaders in state educational agencies (SEAs) especially in a post-COVID world.

This is a unique opportunity for us as a community of practice and for SETDA as a professional association. The role and influence of edtech directors varies widely from state to state, indeed the role may not exist in a number of states. We find ourselves at a place where we should envision a new era of state leadership and redefine the role of a modern SEA when it comes to technology. This sentiment has been echoed in discussions with members and partners and throughout our strategic planning process.

During the 2021 Leadership Summit, we will create personas for the mission-critical role of state digital learning leaders, decision-making authority, and the team players needed to transform SEAs. Working together, we can expand our collective influence to make SETDA the voice for what states “should” be doing; and the source for what states “are” doing when it comes to digital equity for all students and educators.

Highlights of the Summit

  • Collaboration on evolving role of state digital leaders
  • Opportunities to build relationships with state leaders and valuable partners
  • Inquiry sessions on the most pressing national, educational technology issues
  • Focus groups on partner innovations
  • SETDA committee meetings and membership business meeting
  • Policymaker and State Leader of the Year (SLY) Awards

Participation is limited to SETDA state members, affiliates, and private sector partners, as well as invited guests. Email Tera Daniels if you have questions about registration.

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