State Achievement Award

The State Achievement Award recognizes outstanding initiatives from SETDA state and affiliate members and their teams that address meaningful challenges in teaching and learning. These awards celebrate the impact of these programs and projects, offering frameworks for other leaders to effect positive change in their states.

Nomination Process
The State Achievement awards align with SETDA’s priorities: Equity of Access, Digital Content, Interoperability, Professional Learning, and Digital Learning. 

SETDA state and affiliate members are eligible to receive an award. Nominations must include a primary category with one or more secondary categories.

The SETDA Membership Engagement Committee reviews all nominations according to the following criteria:

  • Impact (40%): The demonstrable, measurable benefit that the program or project has delivered at a state level on teaching and learning
  • Alignment with SETDA priorities (20%): Clear connection between one primary and one or more secondary priority areas
  • Innovation (15%): How the initiative helps address an educational need in a unique way
  • Equity (15%): The breadth of impact to benefit a diversity of districts and students
  • Efficiency (10%): Return on investment as measured in dollars, time, or both

The Membership Engagement Committee will notify all recipients 60 days prior to the award ceremony during SETDA’s Leadership Summit.

State, affiliate, and corporate members in good standing may nominate a project or initiative. 
Current State Achievement Award Recipients


Digital Content Illinois Instructional Technology Coaching Program
Digital Learning Nevada Nevada Course Access Partnership
Equity of Access Massachusetts Building & Strengthening Equitable EdTech Systems
Interoperability Indiana Indiana GPS (Graduates Prepared to Succeed)
Professional Learning Indiana Learning Lab

Past State Achievement Award Recipients


Equity of Access New Hampshire Operation Lemonade
Digital Content Arkansas Impact with MyVRSpot
Digital Learning Arkansas Stepping Up & In with Virtual Arkansas
Professional Learning Illinois Professional Learning Statewide System of Support



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