Candice Dodson Influencer Award

The aim of the Candice Dodson Influencer Award is to commemorate the values, professional influence and personal contributions to the field of educational technology that Candice Dodson championed every day, and to recognize similar qualities in edtech leaders who can carry on this important work in the future.

Candice worked tirelessly to connect colleagues and friends and to help leaders build on their strengths and take risks. In Indiana and then as Executive Director of SETDA, she positively influenced progressive movement in education policy and practice to support digital learning and recognized that individual leaders were critical to driving that change. To that end, SETDA staff, members and partners have collaborated to ensure that all donations to the Candice Dodson Memorial Fund are used to best honor the memory of Candice by establishing the Candice Dodson Influencer Award.

Eligibility for the annual Candice Dodson Influencer Award will include any person who embodies the values and spirit of the award, and has some type of relationship to SETDA. Nominees may include members, affiliates, alliance partners, private sector partners, colleagues who have attended a SETDA event, channel partners, or others who have connected with SETDA in some way.

Candice DodsonThe annual Candice Dodson Influencer Award is a values-driven award. Nominees should demonstrate (pointing to tangible evidence) some, if not all, of the following qualities/traits:

  • has exerted a positive influence in education or edtech in a tangible way, or has empowered others to do so
  • possesses an authentic social media voice or visible online presence
  • contributes to creating content through high engagement (panels, podcasts, articles, attend events, etc…)
  • demonstrates principles of inclusivity
  • behaves as a consensus-builder and true collaborator
  • acts as champion for innovation & creativity
  • advocates for educators & is a champion for students
  • is committed to constant improvement through professional learning

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Timeline: Nominations open November 29, 2021 – March 24, 2022. Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis with the nominating window opening on November 29, 2021 and closing on March 24, 2022.  The award will be given at SETDA’s Emerging Trends Forum in June, 2022.  The Candice Dodson Influencer Award is given annually at SETDA’s June event.

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