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Cybersecurity Concerns in K12 Education

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As more schools use digital instructional materials and devices for student learning, cybersecurity is an important topic for districts, schools, teachers, parents and students.  In 2018, SETDA delved into the topic of cybersecurity and its critical role in education. At SETDA’s Cybersecurity Workshop in conjunction with the Emerging Technologies Leadership Forum, conducted by ENA, multiple state leaders shared what steps they are taking to assist their respective state’s school districts with this timely issue. Emerging cybersecurity issues include user vulnerabilities, network security, cloud and data security, student data privacy and internet outages, among other issues.

The National Education Technology Plan recommends that districts and schools include cybersafety and cybersecurity training for students, teachers and parents as part of responsible use policies.

Key Resource

The 4 Cybersecurity Concerns for State Leaders guide compiles responses and feedback from SETDA’s Cybersecurity Workshop, conducted by ENA, into a concise document for state education leaders to share with peers and district leaders.

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