Fostering public-private partnerships to improve education


SETDA secures strategic partnerships with organizations that align with our mission, priorities, and advocacy goals. Our strategic partnerships include non-profit and for-profit private sector partners (platinum/gold/emerging) and channel partners. We also work in tandem with and offer opportunities to event sponsors, which include organizations seeking to showcase innovative products and services that can help meet the needs of our state members and the schools and districts that they serve.

Strategic Partnerships

Private Sector Partners

SETDA enjoys strong relationships with leading educational technology companies, associations, foundations and other private organizations. We believe it is important for our members and representatives from the private and public sector to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding trends in the field as well as products and services that states and districts need. We accomplish this through our annual private sector partnership program.

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Channel Partners

Channel partners serve as intermediaries that connect companies/organizations who become event sponsors or private sector partners with SETDA. They function as “dot connectors,” facilitating mutually beneficial connections between the private sector and SETDA. >


Event Sponsors

SETDA provides opportunities for companies to network with state members and showcase their products/services at our in-person events. A variety of activities afford companies an audience with state members ranging from one on one, small group and large group interactions.

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For more information

For information on how your company can become engaged with SETDA’s membership, please contact Jennifer Fritschi, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Partnerships, at or 202-716-6636 x704.