E-rate Modernization Resources

SETDA and Common Sense Kids Action developed several resources to support state and local policymakers and digital leaders as they navigate the modernized E-rate program. The goal is to help state and local leaders achieve high-speed connectivity in their jurisdictions and to support the national goal of connecting every classroom and library in America to high-speed Internet by 2018.

Resource Documents

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Take Advantage of New E-rate Funding

New E-rate funds became available under the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) 2014 E-rate Modernization Orders (FCC 14-99 and FCC 14-169). Easy access to reliable, robust, and cost-effective broadband and Wi-Fi provides the opportunity for engaging digital learning opportunities. As states, districts, and schools strive to provide effective digital learning environments, a solid infrastructure for broadband access and capacity is critical. These resources are intended to ensure that states and districts leverage all elements of the modernized E-rate program so that all students across the country have seamless access to high-speed broadband for learning.

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