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Whether you are custom designing your next vehicle, conducting video interviews with job candidates across the globe, managing a new project or reconnecting with old friends, online tools and resources enable us to navigate how we live and work in this digital age. In education, access and opportunities to utilize digital resources for learning provide students with the necessary skills and connections to be successful learners and contribute to their own futures. The thoughtful integration of technology provides students personalized pathways to engage in content and creative ways to demonstrate evidence of their learning. With mobile devices, collaborative digital tools, interactive virtual reality, and access to primary resources, today’s students can experience learning that truly meets their individual needs and interests. And with this personalized approach, comes the important responsibility of ensuring that the tools and resources are high-quality, aligned to standards, address educational goals and are accessible for all students.

  • K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard logo with the SETDA logo and K!2 typed in large font over a few tablets.

    K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard

    The K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard is an online database that includes state reviewed, full course, instructional materials for English/Language Arts and math at the secondary level. Resources can be sorted by state, content area, subject area, grade level, format, publisher and copyright date. Educators and publishers can discover reviewed, core instructional materials from a variety […]

  • Navigating the Digital Shift 2019: Equitable Opportunities for All Learners

    Navigating the Digital Shift 2019

    SETDA expands upon the recent State K12 Instructional Materials Leadership Trends Snapshot and the 2018 Navigating the Digital Shift report with a focus on the opportunity digital instructional materials provide to support personalized learning opportunities for all learners and considerations related to the essential conditions and professional learning opportunities to support digital learning. Stakeholders will learn about state […]

  • State K12 Trends Snapshot square image

    State K12 Instructional Materials Leadership Trends Snapshot

    This publication summarizes current state policies and practices in the selection and implementation of digital instructional materials. This report is based on the 2019 updates to the Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS) online portal. This trends snapshot includes details regarding: digital learning policies and practices including state digital learning plans and standards; state definitions for […]

  • State Policies with the URL There is a US map with icons of teachers and devices in circles.

    DMAPS: Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States

    Updated in 2019 (originally launched in October 2015), the goal of the DMAPS portal is to provide a clear picture of each state’s instructional materials policies and practices to help encourage increased implementation of digital learning. Educators, policy makers and private sector executives have the opportunity to learn about state policies and practices related to […]

  • Cover Image: SETDA Navigating the Shift 2018

    Navigating the Digital Shift 2018: Broadening Student Learning Opportunities

    This publication highlights how state policies and guidance are supporting the transformation to digital learning,
    specifically the policies and processes around the selection, curation, procurement and funding of digital
    instructional materials.

  • procurement-case-studies

    State K12 Procurement Case Studies

    Developed in collaboration with state and district digital learning leaders, instructional materials directors, procurement offices and academic officers, this publication highlights state level procurement case studies that share how states have effectively established and implemented policies for the procurement of high quality instructional materials and devices. As the process for the acquisition and implementation varies widely from state to state, the case studies provide detailed information about the process in each state. These in-depth studies of California, Indiana, Louisiana and Utah provide road maps for other states that are moving forward to implement digital learning materials policies and procedures.

  • Navigating the Shift II cover page

    Navigating the Digital Shift II

    Navigating the Digital Shift II: Implementing Digital Instructional Materials for Learning SETDA expands upon the 2015 Navigating the Digital Shift report with a focus on living and learning in the digital age. In this second publication, stakeholders will learn about states’ guidance and policies around the implementation of digital instructional materials, as well as best practices.

  • Navigating the Shift 2015 cover

    Navigating the Digital Shift 2015 Paper

    Navigating the Shift provides an analysis of state policy trends related to digital instructional materials, essential conditions for implementation, an update on the states’ progress towards SETDA’s Out of Print recommendations and highlights several next steps for consideration as leaders move to advance the learning experiences in the digital age.

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