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Technological innovation is driving fundamental changes in all aspects of our lives. This is especially true of digital content, as our use of e-books, downloadable music, streaming television and movies, and online social networks has exploded. Armed with a cost-effective computing device and the kind of quality digital content that is becoming increasingly available, the benefits for student learning are many, including that fact that digital content can be more up-to-date and engaging, and it is flexible so that the content can be changed to fit students’ needs rather than having the student adapt to the content. SETDA has been a leading organization in advocating for the shift from print to digital content by making our members, policy makers and the broader education audience aware of digital content’s advantages and celebrating those states where policy changes and other initiatives have jump-started the shift to digital for students and teachers through the state.

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    Navigating the Digital Shift II

    Navigating the Digital Shift II: Implementing Digital Instructional Materials for Learning SETDA expands upon the 2015 Navigating the Digital Shift report with a focus on living and learning in the digital age. In this second publication, stakeholders will learn about states’ guidance and policies around the implementation of digital instructional materials, as well as best practices.

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