Getting Started

SETDA has assembled vetted examples, resources and thinking from our trusted state members, affiliates and partners to assist states, districts, and school leaders get started with remote learning during this challenging time of COVID-19. Please note, while these are reliable examples and tools, they have not been implemented for large-scale, extended emergency digital learning. Here are some initial considerations and starting documents. 

If you are unclear on the various terms related to eLearning Days, check out the Glossary of Virtual Learning Terms, published by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Initial Considerations

  • Collage of pictures showing students working on laptops in home environmentHow will your school or district keep students on track during eLearning days (both planned and unplanned)?
  • What training is necessary to get your students and staff ready for eLearning?
  • How will you communicate with stakeholders about your eLearning plan?
  • How will you ensure healthy collaboration across the school/district with all stakeholders about eLearning and instructional day flexibility?
  • What measures can you take to assess and ensure access to eLearning resources by taking inventory of devices and internet access available to students and staff?
  • How will you ensure that students sign in for attendance and and that eLearning assignments align with current coursework?
  • How will all students have access to accessible materials?

The above initial steps are adapted from the Illinois State Board of Education’s eLearning Days site.

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