Communicating with Districts, Schools, Parents and Students


Communication with administrative staff, teachers, support staff, parents, students and the community is critical as schools plan for eLearning Days. Below are suggestions and samples for leaders to support eLearning Day communication. Student data privacy should be considered for all communication tools.

Staff – Staff Communication
Administrators, coaches and staff members are encouraged to communicate regularly via email, video conferencing and/or video recordings. Staff may also consider online collaborative tools for instant messaging.

Teacher – Student Communication Options
The school/district should provide guidance to the teachers on how they should communicate with students during eLearning Days and also what teacher availability should be for students. Communication tools to consider include email, video conferencing tools, messaging apps, learning management systems, audio/video conferencing tools and teacher webpages. *Note: All staff should be reminded of student data privacy regulations so no one is uploading student information into new tools that have not been approved and vetted by the school system.

Guide for Communicating with Students and Parents

Staff – Family Communication
The school/district should provide comprehensive, regular communication to students and families. Since families often connect in different ways  consider communicating via a variety of methods to help avoid confusion. Tools for communication may include school website, push notification apps, social media, website, email, collaboration with local media and/or video messaging.

Sample Communications

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