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Transitioning to eLearning Days requires training to effectively use digital tools and applications. Sustainable professional learning models, geared specifically to support teachers for eLearning will positively impact the teaching and learning experiences.

Professional Learning for Teaching Online 

Below are free resources for educators and administrators to better understand how to teach online. The

Online Learning Teaching Tools

Guides for various tools to keep online learning interactive

Articles and Blog Posts

Interactive Tools

Variety of interactive tools with website and app suggestions

Mindmapping: Graphic organizers can be created using these apps. 

Presenting: Create presentations using these apps. 

Publishing: Publish web pages and interactive books with these tools. 

  • Adobe Spark Page – web-based and iOS app  (get a free Adobe account from the tech office)
  • Book Creator – web-based and iOS app 
  • Pages – web-based and iOS app 
  • Seesaw – web-based and iOS app

Reflecting: These apps encourage reflection and commenting. 

  • Padlet – web-based and iOS app 
  • Flipgrid – web-based and iOS app 

Scanning: Digitize documents from your iOS device using these apps. Notes and Files are built into your iPad! 

Video/Whiteboards/Screencasting: Create videos and demonstrate concepts using these apps. 

Writing/Drawing/Annotating: Make drawings, annotate images, and more with these apps. 

This list of resources provides examples of various digital tools that teachers may choose to leverage when teaching online. Resources provided by Lucy Grays’ Online Teaching Resources

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