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Roadmap Supports building Digital Learning Environments



Cable Impacts, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning and SETDA collaborated to develop the Building Your Roadmap to 21st Century Learning Environments,

The Roadmap is a resource created specifically for school leaders, designed to them help craft a holistic strategy to create 21st century learning environments – classrooms where, in addition to traditional subjects like math, English and science, crucial skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration are practiced, where learning is personalized, adaptive and even self-directed, and where students are ultimately equipped with skills needed for college, careers and life-long learning. The Roadmap consists of a website that provides school leaders with a framework for developing their own strategic plans, a report written by Dr. James Marshall of San Diego State University that takes a deeper dive into the details and research, and an infographic that visualizes the planning process.

The Roadmap is built around a deep dive into five interconnected topic areas: Learning, Teaching & Professional Learning, Assessment & Accountability, Leadership & Culture, and Infrastructure. In each topic, three stages of change are explored, guiding principles established, key questions asked, policies considered, exemplars researched and action steps agreed on.


The primary audience for the Roadmap project is the senior leadership at districts for whom the Roadmap can provide

  • guidance to help structure strategic planning;
  • research, data and best practice examples to inform the resulting plan; and
  • third-party affirmation for what they’re doing.

Leaders can use parts of the project deliverables with policymakers, parents and the press to help them grasp where the district is doing well and where help may be needed, to illustrate the holistic nature of this kind of systemic change, and to highlight the need for adequate time and resources to support change. Take a few moments to review this resource and share the links with your colleagues.


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