2020 Leadership Summit

2020 Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit brings state educational leaders together online for this unique professional learning opportunity. Leaders from more than 40 state departments of education, including leaders in educational technology, assessment, instructional materials and professional development, along with SETDA’s Private Sector Partners attend.

Framing Square

Framing the Evidence

Through the Framing the Evidence Program, SETDA intends to expertly advise, scaffold and support both schools and districts, as well as the ed tech companies that serve them, by democratizing the piloting process and providing a gold standard for the industry. In order to be valuable, piloting must be democratized….. professionally supported, high quality, evidence-based, and equitably available to all schools and districts, especially those in rural areas of the United States or those serving high needs or underserved populations. SETDA has identified a need to democratize the pilot process to enable schools and districts to assess the efficacy of educational  technology to impact teaching and learning.

Teachers at Table

Professional Learning for Effective Practice: Leveraging Title IIA Community

Professional Learning for Effective Practice: Leveraging Title IIA is a free professional learning community that supports the effective implementation of the federal Title IIA program. The goal of the community is to highlight program implementation best practices, share examples of evidence-based professional learning opportunities and exemplary professional learning programs at the state and district levels.

Professional Learning Dashboard

Professional Learning Practices Dashboard

The Professional Learning Practices Dashboard includes examples of professional learning to support digital learning, personalized learning, quality materials and leadership. The professional learning resources can be sorted by state, goal, delivery method and/or funding source.

Digital Badging Playbook

The playbook is designed to be a “roadmap” for individuals and entities who desire to implement their own system of digital badges and micro-credentials. The links within this playbook references common resources, organizations and examples of digital badging.

Learning Policy Institute

The California Way

The California Way: The Golden State’s Quest to Build an Equitable and Excellent Education System discusses the new approach to education in the state that focuses on students developing 21st-century skills of critical thinking and problem-solving, among other issues. The educator preparation standards have been updated to provide teachers and principals with the skills needed to advance student learning in supportive and productive ways.

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