The movement to personalize learning is growing. What does this mean for students and educators, and how is it changing professional learning? This issue tackles how to build educators’ capacity for personalizing to students’ needs and how teachers can benefit from experiencing personalization themselves.

What is a badge?

This video explains how digital badges are used to recognize the learning that happens anywhere and share it in the places that matter.

Digital Badge Systems: The Promise and Potential

Digital Badge Systems offers several policy recommendations for introducing digital badge programs to a greater number of school districts. The report also recommends safeguards at the state level to ensure competency-based learning does not lead to at-risk students falling behind their peers and widening of achievement gaps.

Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI)

The Open Badges Infrastructure is a standard and a platform for issuing, storing, and sharing “micro-credentials,” recognition for skills and achievements that learners have completed.

Digital Promise Micro-Credential Initiative

This initiative provides a competency-based approach to assessing teaching practices, uses expert and peer reviews to ensure a rigorous standard and creates a clearinghouse where teachers can share best practices.

A Guide to Understanding Student E-Portfolios: K-12 Digital Portfolio Programs for College and Career Readiness

K-12 schools around the globe are piloting e-portfolio programs that allow students to showcase work, apply real-world skills, and track learning outcomes as they prepare for college and a career. This guide focuses on student-owned e-portfolios in the K-12 setting however, the same principles can be applied to teacher portfolios. Its purpose is to provide an introduction to e-portfolios and to explore how e-portfolios can be used throughout K-12 education.

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