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SETDA Celebrates the Launch of the
2024 National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

January 22, 2024 (Washington, DC)SETDA, the principal membership association of U.S. state and territorial educational technology and state digital learning leaders, celebrates the launch of the U.S. Department of Education’s 2024 National Education Technology Plan (NETP). As a leader in advocating for the role of technology in education, SETDA recognizes the NETP as a transformative policy blueprint for the future of learning.

In 2023, the U.S. Department of Education awarded the National Educational Technology Plan (NETP) contract to SETDA and our coalition partners, InnovateEDU, Learning Forward, Project Tomorrow, and Whiteboard Advisors.

The 2024 NETP, developed by the Office of Educational Technology with insights from leading education researchers, technology experts, and educators, outlines a comprehensive vision for leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences. It builds on prior achievements while introducing innovative strategies to address current educational challenges and prepare for future needs.

“The launch of the 2024 NETP comes at a pivotal moment for educational technology and learning,” said Sarah Edson, Director of Projects and Initiatives at SETDA. “We are proud to stand at the forefront of this exciting journey, advocating for effective integration of technology in education systems nationwide.”

Key highlights of the NETP include:

  • A focus on equity and accessibility, ensuring that students from all walks of life – including those in rural areas, low-income families, ESL learners, and those with special needs – have access to high-quality, technology-enabled education.
  • Emphasis on professional development for educators, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to effectively integrate technology in their teaching practice.
  • Strategies for leveraging technology to create more personalized, engaging, and effective student learning experiences.
  • Urging policymakers and state leaders to establish and maintain a cabinet-level EdTech Director to provide leadership to implement the NETP’s recommendations and ensure wise and effective use of education technology funds in their states.

SETDA’s involvement in the development of the NETP reflects its ongoing dedication to ensuring that technology is effectively and equitably integrated into education. The association continues to work closely with policymakers, educators, and technology leaders to implement the NETP’s vision, focusing on creating engaging, inclusive, and personalized learning experiences for all students.

Julia Fallon, Executive Director of SETDA, further remarked: “As the 2024 National Education Technology Plan is unveiled, I’m reminded of the sentiment, ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants.’ Today, we honor the legacy and contributions of edtech trailblazers like Dr. Cynthia Solomon, who will join us at the launch event. Her pioneering work in education technology has paved the way for the transformative changes we are implementing today. In their footsteps, we stride forward, committed to shaping a future where technology empowers every learner.”

Several SETDA members and staff will attend the White House launch event.

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