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SETDA Launches Cybersecurity Resource Focused on
Small, Rural, and Under-resourced Districts

October 17, 2023 (Washington, D.C.)Today, SETDA is pleased to announce the release of a cybersecurity resource focused on small, rural, and under-resourced districts. Developed by SETDA’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Collaborative—an active professional learning community consisting of state edtech leaders, affiliates, and corporate members—this resource is designed to identify essential resources, assess state-level K-12 cybersecurity advocacy initiatives, and craft policy recommendations to enhance cybersecurity readiness within these districts. 

In collaboration with Microsoft and the K12 Security Information eXchange (K12 SIX), this initiative underscores SETDA’s commitment to providing essential tools and guidance to support state educational agencies.

The publication, titled Small Districts, Big Hurdles: Cybersecurity Support for Small, Rural, and Under-resourced Districts, offers details on how state agencies and other support organizations are empowering their smallest districts to secure their data and networks. From detailing various funding sources to providing insights into statewide and regional partnerships and offering practical examples of cybersecurity training, the document is a must-read for everyone involved in helping districts improve their cybersecurity posture. It is the newest addition to SETDA’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Collection, available for access in their OER Commons site.

“As technology continues to reshape education, ensuring the safety and security of students’ data and school networks has never been more crucial. This publication is a testament to SETDA’s dedication to supporting state education agencies’ technology initiatives and equips state edtech leaders with the resources and tools needed to guide districts, especially those facing the greatest challenges,” said Julia Fallon, Executive Director, SETDA. “The Cybersecurity & Privacy Collaborative hopes that this document will help prevent breaches of student and educator data while offering strategies to support and improve cybersecurity readiness for small and rural schools.”

“The human impact of breaches is greater than lost time and money for districts, with potential life-long consequences for young people whose data may be compromised. Microsoft is committed to increasing access to cybersecurity tools to help schools address this challenge. I commend SETDA for this focus on small, rural, and under-resourced districts ensuring that all students—regardless of location or context—can learn in safe and secure environments,” said Paige Johnson, Vice President Education Marketing, Microsoft.


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