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SETDA Publishes Brief on Accessibility of Instructional Materials in a Digital Age for State and District Leaders

WASHINGTON, DC (June 23, 2014) – The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) recently released a policy brief for state and district education leaders focused on considerations and strategies regarding the accessibility of digital content for all students. The brief, The Accessibility of Learning Content for All Students, Including Students with Disabilities, Must Be Addressed in the Shift to Digital Instructional Materials, examines important legal, policy and practice considerations regarding the accessibility of digital instructional materials. The paper discusses the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework, Open Educational Resources (OER) and federal law requirements regarding accessibility of instructional materials. The brief also provides recommendations for state and district policy regarding the development, use and distribution and sharing of digital tools to improved the learning experiences of all students.

“It is important that education leaders take proactive steps to ensure that all students have full access to instructional materials in the digital age,” said Douglas Levin, SETDA Executive Director. “We are pleased to provide clear information, resources and guidance toward this goal.”

“This policy brief provides additional background and understanding around a topic that is important not just to students with disabilities, but all students,” stated Chuck Hitchcock, Chief Officer, Policy and Technology and Director, National AIM Center at Cast, Inc., and a contributor to the brief. “The topic of Universal Design for Learning applies to all learners, and this policy brief helps to further inform educators and the public of its importance with respect to digital materials.”

The brief is available on the SETDA website (, as well as the archive of a related webinar in which the brief was discussed. The brief was prepared in partnership with EducationCounsel LLC, a mission-based education consulting firm.

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