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The Value of Efficacy Research from Multiple Perspectives

Brainpop Boosts Achievement

This is a guest post written by Dr. Kari Stubbs, Vice President, Learning and Innovation at BrainPOP.  BrainPOP is a SETDA annual Gold Partner

BrainPOP was honored to partner with SETDA last month for a membership webinar on the value of efficacy research from multiple perspectives. Joining us for the conversation was Missy Greene (SETDA), DeLilah Collins (ESEA Office Assistant Director, Colorado Department of Education), Stan Silverman (NYIT Professor and Chair of NYS Teacher Center Technology Committee), and Kevin Miklasz (VP Data and Prototyping, BrainPOP). The webinar was anchored in SETDA’s leadership on the topic of ESSA evidence and why it matters. From there, the conversation explored BrainPOP’s commitment to offering evidence of its digital content as an exemplar for the industry. Finally, DeLilah Collins shared a look at Colorado’s work around evidence, and Stan Silverman promoted New York’s Teacher Center Technology Committee’s Model.

SETDA chose to point to BrainPOP’s efficacy study as an exemplar as it meets ESSA’s Moderate Evidence of Impact level. The study showed that students in schools with subscriptions to the award-winning educational platform performed better on standardized tests than those in non-subscribing schools! The study compared the performance of subscribers and non-subscribers using the results of statewide tests administered at the end of the 2015-16 school year, across five states (CA, CO, FL, NY, TX),  three subject areas (ELA, Math, Science), and grades 3-8. While many efficacy studies focus on a single district or state, BrainPOP’s prevalence made it possible to assess all five states, each with a different achievement test, in a single analysis. Get the full report and learn more at, you may also watch the archive of the webinar here.

About the Author

Headshot Kari StubbsRecognized by EdTech Digest as one of 100 top influencers in education technology, Dr. Kari Stubbs is experienced in a host of education topics through her experiences as an elementary educator, opportunities to learn alongside teachers and students around the globe, rigorous academic programming through her doctoral work, industry insight through her contributions at BrainPOP, and the opportunity to give back through a host of industry boards.

Dr. Stubbs has received the “Making It Happen” Award, the Presidential Community Service award, was recognized as “20 to Watch,” and Microsoft’s Education VP twice named her a Global Hero in Education. Kari earned her PhD in Curriculum with a minor in Administration from the University of Kansas.

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