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Check-Out SETDA’s New Dashboard of State Reviewed K12 Instructional Materials

In July, SETDA released the K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard. The dashboard currently represents the review process of thirteen states and includes the participating state reviewed, full course, secondary level instructional materials for English/Language Arts and math. Resources can be sorted by state, content area, subject area, grade level, format, publisher, adoption date and copyright date.

To be included in the database, materials were reviewed via each participating state’s instructional materials independent review processes based on local criteria. These state review processes vary, with assurances that may include instructional materials are factual, engaging, fully accessible for all learners, free from bias and aligned to standards that support sound pedagogy and balanced assessments. For more details, visit the state review process page.

Why the K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard?
States with a review process requested the development of this tool to understand, share, and possibly collaborate with other states in the review and selection process.

The dashboard serves as a resource for state, district and school leaders from all states as they consider new instructional materials. In addition, educators and publishers can discover reviewed, core instructional materials and identify trends across multiple states. Both states that have material review processes and states without a mandated state level review process are continually looking for resources to share with their districts. Educators seeking additional resources may also considering leveraging a variety of online resource repositories or state resource repositories (these may include both full course and/or supplemental materials).

The K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard is housed in the SETDA Guide to Quality Instructional Materials. Launched in 2016 and updated annually (2019 updates to be released in September), the guide provides support to state, district, and school level leaders in the selection of high quality instructional materials that are aligned to standards, address education goals and are accessible for all students. Key considerations, questions and helpful hints are included throughout the guide. Additionally, the guide includes best practice examples from states and districts and national, state and local resources to consider when selecting quality instructional materials.

**Please note: SETDA as an organization did not conduct any instructional material reviews. Inclusion in the dashboard comes from state reviews and is not a material endorsement from SETDA. 

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