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Looking for the Best Sources of Content for Ed Tech ?

Ed Tech Update has the answer…

ETU_logoSETDA is excited to share Ed Tech Update. This site and newsletter brings together the largest set of industry thought leaders writing about educational technology to support ed tech professionals.

Keeping up with experts publishing content all over the web is a challenge; it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the sources. And, even if you were able to identify and subscribe to them all, you’d have to wade through a ton of content every day to figure out what is the best and most relevant content for you.

Ed Tech Update pulls that rabbit out of the hat by…

  • Pulling together content from the WIDEST set of the most relevant sources;
  • Personalizing the content, once registered you see by using your LinkedIn profile, what you share on Twitter, what you click on either on the site or the newsletter, and what topics you tell it are the most relevant based on your interests;
  • Reviewing what Ed Tech professionals are reading, sharing, saving, etc. to figure out what is the most relevant, at that and every moment and highlights those sources;
  • Delivering great content through a personalized newsletter and on a site where thousands of articles are archived and easy to search.

The more you read and share, the better Ed Tech Update gets at delivering you EXACTLY the information that’s most important for you. The top leaders in the field give you their thoughts, insights and information on what is going on in the world of educational technology.

Sound a bit like MAGIC? The technical person behind Ed Tech Update was the original CTO for eHarmony.

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