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Release & Hill Briefing: Broadband Imperative III

SETDA’s groundbreaking Broadband Imperative and State Leadership for K12 Broadband reports pushed educators and policy makers around the country to increase high-speed broadband access in schools—with specific recommendations regarding access, funding, and policies to support teaching and learning. Based on continuing trends in teaching, learning, school administration and the experiences of states and districts, The Broadband Imperative III: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success expands on the previous recommendations, continuing to advocate for reliable, robust secure access both in and out of school for all students to best prepare for college and the workforce in the digital age.

Professional Learning Dashboard

Professional Learning Practices Dashboard

The Professional Learning Practices Dashboard includes examples of professional learning to support digital learning, personalized learning, quality materials and leadership. The professional learning resources can be sorted by state, goal, delivery method and/or funding source.

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K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard

The K12 Instructional Materials Dashboard is an online database that includes state reviewed, full course, instructional materials for English/Language Arts and math at the secondary level. Resources can be sorted by state, content area, subject area, grade level, format, publisher and copyright date. Educators and publishers can discover reviewed, core instructional materials from a variety of states and identify trends in instructional materials across multiple states.

Navigating the Digital Shift 2019: Equitable Opportunities for All Learners

Navigating the Digital Shift 2019

SETDA expands upon the recent State K12 Instructional Materials Leadership Trends Snapshot and the 2018 Navigating the Digital Shift report with a focus on the opportunity digital instructional materials provide to support personalized learning opportunities for all learners and considerations related to the essential conditions and professional learning opportunities to support digital learning. Stakeholders will learn about state level leadership

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State K12 Instructional Materials Leadership Trends Snapshot

This publication summarizes current state policies and practices in the selection and implementation of digital instructional materials. This report is based on the 2019 updates to the Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS) online portal. This trends snapshot includes details regarding: digital learning policies and practices including state digital learning plans and standards; state definitions for personalized learning; policies and practices related to instructional materials acquisition, procurement and implementation; professional learning opportunities states are providing teachers around the selection, creation and implementation of digital instructional materials; and accessibility policies and practices.

State K-12 Broadband Leadership Report Cover

Broadband State Leadership 2019

SETDA’s report, State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success highlights the importance of state leadership and the various ways states strive to support districts and schools to achieve equitable digital learning opportunities for all students both on campus and outside of school.

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