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SETDA Publishes Data Interoperability Resources for SEAs

June 15, 2023 (Washington, D.C.) — SETDA has released a collection of resources on interoperability created by the SETDA Data Modernization for State Leaders Working Group. This work was supported by funding from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. 

The resources, including webinars, briefings, and highlights, are available in SETDA’s OER Commons Hub. The latest two documents include a brief on the role of state education leaders in data modernization and an overview of interoperability.

The Role of States in Supporting Data Security, Accessibility and Interoperability in the Procurement Process focuses on how state education leaders can leverage their purchasing power and increase vendor adoption of data standards. The document includes several promising examples, including Delaware’s intra-agency collaboration. 

The second publication, Interoperability and Data Modernization, offers recommendations and guidance for states embarking on data modernization projects. It features talking points, information on organizations developing common data standards for education, and other important resources to help define the importance of data interoperability in today’s K-12 education landscape.

“State and district leaders often face the challenge of making decisions based on incomplete and inaccessible data collections across various systems,” emphasized Julia Fallon, Executive Director of SETDA. “SETDA is dedicated to national-level efforts to support state education agencies in enhancing data quality, accessibility, interoperability, security and privacy. Our goal is to equip school leaders at every tier to possess the necessary tools for making well-informed, data-driven decisions to drive student-centered learning experiences.”


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