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SETDA Announces Sarah Edson as Director of Projects and Initiatives

August 31, 2022 (Washington, DC) – Sarah Edson has been named Director of Projects and Initiatives for the State Educational Technology Directors Association. SETDA is the principal non-profit membership association representing U.S. state and territorial educational technology and digital learning leaders. SETDA provides well-established forums for advocacy for policy and practice, professional learning, inter-state collaboration, and public-private partnerships centered on digital learning and equity.

Before joining SETDA, Edson worked as a classroom teacher, academic technologist, student advisor, coach, professional development leader, and dean of faculty. While serving as a senior administrator, she helped her school community navigate the challenges of distance learning, hybrid learning, and remote operations throughout the pandemic. As the Program Manager for the Connecticut Education Network (CEN), Edson worked closely with Connecticut State Commission for Educational Technology (CET) members to support the effective use of technology for learners. She co-authored a grant application awarded $93 million in federal funding to improve broadband Internet access for schools and libraries. Leveraging the connectivity of Connecticut’s statewide education network, she co-founded Edcamp Connecticut in 2011.

Edson graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and earned a Master’s degree from Harvard University, focusing on technology and innovation in education.

“The role of Director of Projects and Initiatives calls for a leader who can have a vision, collaborate, lead with inspiration, communicate well, pursue progress, manage projects efficiently, and work effectively with technology. Sarah’s expertise in managing grants, leading complex technology projects, and first-hand experience helping to navigate the challenges faced by online technology leaders will be invaluable to SETDA’s mission-critical initiatives. We are excited to have her lead this work for the SETDA community,” stated Julia Fallon, SETDA Executive Director.

Ms. Edson will join the SETDA team on September 8, 2022.


The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is the principal association representing U.S. state and territorial educational technology and digital learning leaders. Through a broad array of programs and advocacy, SETDA builds member capacity and engages partners to empower the education community in leveraging technology for learning, teaching, and school operations.

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