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SETDA Launches Updated
Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS) Portal

This free online tool for educators, policy makers and the private sector has been updated and expanded to support clearer understanding of state policies and practices related to digital instructional materials implementation. 

April 12, 2018 (Washington, D.C.) – SETDA, the principal membership association of the U.S. state and territorial digital learning leaders, today announced updates to the free, online tool to support the implementation of digital instructional materials, Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS). Educators, policy makers and the private sector will benefit from organized and accessible information regarding acquisition of digital instructional materials, including state guidance, definitions and policies, procurement practices, instructional material review processes, funding options and digital learning resources for all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Guam. This work supports state and district leaders’ understanding of state policies and can impact policy changes related to procuring instructional materials (including non-traditional instructional materials, such as digital content) to best meet the individual needs of all learners.

“The updated DMAPS portal supports the implementation of digital instructional materials more efficiently and effectively,” shared Tracy Weeks, SETDA’s Executive Director. “It provides the opportunity for state and district leaders across the country to share best practices and options related to adoption and implementation of tools and resources to support learning in the digital age.”

“Utah has mandated the review of educational curriculum since 1907, and has recently formed a Digital Teaching and Learning Team to support the integration of technology into our schools,” stated Dr. Sydnee Dickson, Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “SETDA’s DMAPS project has informed our instructional materials review process and has helped Utah incorporate the latest and best materials available for digital learning,” Dickson continued.

DMAPS was developed through the expertise and efforts of state leaders responsible for procurement, instructional materials and educational technology and in collaboration with experts in the field. Updated site highlights include: a snapshot overview of policies/practices of state procurement, instructional materials review processes for each state, accessibility policies, details regarding adoption and implementation requirements,and the ability to identify state trends, and to compare states through individual state profiles. For a comprehensive overview of this tool, access this recent webinar, Navigating the Digital Shift: Empowering Digital Instructional Materials Implementation.

This work was made possible by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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