Dr. Kimberly Vidoni, Nevada’s State Educational Technology Director,
Introduces Senator Harry Reid at the Future of Learning Technology Showcase in Washington, DC

November 5, 2009 (Washington, DC) – At a Senate showcase hosted by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dr. Kimberly Vidoni of Nevada welcomed more than 500 national policy makers and thought leaders highlighting exemplary programs funded by NSF and the NCLB Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program.

Several Senators were honored guests of the showcase, including Senators Reid (NV), Murray (WA), Hagan (NC), and Bingaman (NM) who spoke about the importance of using technology in our classrooms to enhance teaching and learning.  Senators Kaufman (DE) and Lincoln (AR) also visited the showcase and spent time with hands-on opportunities to learn the importance of technology in our education system.

In Nevada, through ARRA funds, Vidoni is heading up Nevada’s efforts to develop a state model of the 21st century classroom.  Teams of two secondary teachers receive a laptop cart to share, enough mobile learning to use technology to support students’ 21st century skills development through project-based learning.  Additionally, principals receive a hand-held learning device and participate in an online professional development program that focuses on the role technology can play in developing students’ 21st century skills.  When the program ends, Nevada will have two online professional development programs to be used to train future cohorts of teachers and principals.  This is a statewide program on which all seventeen Nevada school districts, both Nevada universities, and the Nevada Department of Education are collaborating.  “The Pathway program is a wonderful opportunity to transform the face of education in Nevada and I couldn’t do it without the superb leadership and cooperation of the school districts,” Vidoni said.  “This is an innovative, homegrown Nevada project that puts technology into the hands of students and provides teachers and school administrators with the support they need to do it well.  We hope the enthusiasm generated by the program will be a catalyst for expanding the program in upcoming years through other funding sources.”

“We were so pleased that Kimberly was able to join us in Washington for this important event, said Dr. Mary Ann Wolf, SETDA’s Executive Director. “Kimberly’s leadership in developing innovative professional development projects, like Pathway and building the 21st century classroom in Nevada will help move the field forward nationally.  We also greatly appreciate Senator Reid’s vision and leadership for ensuring that our nation’s students are prepared for the 21st Century global economy.”


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