March 31, 2011

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Fostering Innovation in Education Through State Technology Leadership

State-By-State Profiles of the Federal Investment in Educational Technology: Supporting School Reform and Teacher Effectiveness with ESEA’s Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Program 

WASHINGTON, DC (March 31, 2011) –The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) today released the 2011 Individual State Profile Reports, describing highlights of each state’s EETT grant program. These reports demonstrate the increasingly important role that technology is playing in K-12 school improvement efforts in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The state and district examples included in each report exhibit the shift from analog, isolated and print-centered teaching to digital, collaborative and personalized learning.

“State educational technology directors in partnership with school districts all over the country continue to lead in transforming K-12 education to meet the challenges and goals of the 21st century,” said Douglas Levin, executive director of SETDA. “Through state leadership in educational technology, school district investments of funds for educational technology have been increasingly strategic and impactful. These profiles demonstrate the need for continued dedicated federal funding to serve as a catalyst for innovation through state leadership.”

The 2011 Individual State Profile Reports provide the basis for SETDA’s more in-depth, annual report that will be released in April.  That report will further illustrate state educational technology directors’ state-level strategies of identifying innovations that effectively advance program goals; scaling up those innovations that prove to be effective across districts and states; coordinating educational technology investments with other state and federal funds; and ensuring that district investments are productive and effective.

To access the state reports, please visit the SETDA State Members Map at, click on a state and download the 2011 state profile report PDF. You must use the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the Individual State Profile Reports. You may also access a zip file of the entire set of 2011 Individual State Profiles for all 50 states and the District of Columbia here.


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