7 pictures of Candice in various poses at conferences and capitolIn Memory of Candice Dodson
SETDA Executive Director, 2019-2020

Candice worked tirelessly to connect colleagues and friends and to help leaders build on their strengths and take risks. In Indiana and then at SETDA, she positively influenced progressive movement in education policy and practice to support digital learning and recognized that individual leaders were critical to driving that change. To that end, SETDA staff, members and partners have collaborated to ensure that all donations are used to best honor the memory of Candice by establishing the Candice Dodson Influencer Award. The aim of the Influencer Award is to commemorate the values, professional influence and personal contributions to the field of educational technology that Candice championed every day, and to recognize similar qualities in edtech leaders who can carry on this important work in the future.

In addition to the award, in 2021, SETDA will work to develop the SETDA Academy: Candice Dodson Leadership Badge achieved through a set of professional learning courses. A public announcement will be made this week during SETDA’s Leadership Summit and details regarding award nominations will be announced in early December.

Candice Dodson Influencer Award application process is now open.

An embodiment of the SETDA spirit, Candice was an energetic, life-long educator working throughout her career to create powerful educational opportunities for all learners. She led SETDA as the Executive Director starting in May, 2019. Previously, she was an active SETDA member and State Leader of the Year award winner, serving as the Board Chair while she was the Director of eLearning for the Indiana Department of Education.

In Indiana, she and her eLearning team worked to boost the state’s efforts to connect Indiana to great ideas in educational technology, virtual and online learning, as well as new learning models and instructional practices. Her strategic work included the formation of an eLearning Leadership Cadre, statewide professional development opportunities including the Summer of eLearning conferences, Admin Academies, Digital Learning Grants, as well as resources and training to support digital learning. Prior to the Indiana Department of Education, Candice had 20 years of experience in a variety of roles from elementary teacher, media specialist, and high ability educator to curriculum and technology integration specialist, central office administrator, and assistant principal.

Candice’s most recent work prior to the IDOE centered on the implementation of a one-to-one initiative for more than 14,000 students in grades 6-12, the development of leadership programs for district administrators, and expansion of professional development programs. Candice has previously represented Indiana on the ICE (Indiana Computer Educators) Board, the HECC (Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators) Board and served on the Indiana University School of Education Alumni Board of Directors.

Candice Dodson Memorial Fund
In honor of Candice and her legacy to education, Candice’s family suggests making an online donation to SETDA or by mailing a donation to PO Box 10, Glen Burnie, MD 21060. Candice Dodson Influencer Award

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