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State Leaders Impacting Students’ Lives – Teacher Appreciation Week

thank-a-teacherSETDA serves and supports state leaders from across the nation as well as territories from as far away as American Samoa, the Common Wealth of the Mariana Islands and Guam. Our members, state leaders, in turn support districts and schools in their state that in-turn support teachers and students directly. SETDA might appear to be the 5 degrees of separation from practitioners in the classroom, but always recognize their critical role in student achievement and success, and respect the importance of their work every day.SETDA maybe 5 degrees of separation from practitioners in the classroom however, our members always keep them at the forefront of their work. So often as we develop resources or plan for events, our members make comments such as “remember, it’s about the learning” or “how will that help improve instruction?” For SETDA, educational technology is not about the cool gadgets and devices, our work is about supporting leaders to impact the instructional practices so that learning is personalized, engaging and best preparing students for colleges and careers.

SETDA leaders from the public and private sector and our partners from a variety of national educational organizations will celebrate teachers next week. Members and partners, we thank YOU during Teacher Appreciation Week for your tireless efforts to close the achievement gap and the digital divide to help ensure that all students have the opportunity to equitable access to the digital tools necessary to support learning in the digital age.

Thank a teacher or education leader today. #thankateacher


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