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e-books and tablets

I typically am not a gadget guy who stands in line for the first round of any new gegaw to hit the streets.  But, I am not immune to cool things that can significantly alter students' or teachers' experiences. E-readers and tablets illustrate my point, and this market is an intersting one to watch. 

I have come across an interesting, gossipy, inside scoop site,  Recently they have had stories about how the Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader will now be available through Radio Shack stores, the number of budget tablets emerging from India, the different iterations of Samsung's Galaxy Tab about to released, just to name a few. Trying to keep up with all of this is daunting, but more and more schools are looking to find relatively inexpensive ways to provide students and teachers with digital and open content if the back-to-school stories in the press are any indication.  Check out the site andor subscribe to their newsletter if you are interested in tracking this form factor.

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    Hi, I’d like to warn you for these budget Android Tablets from Asia. They generally are very slow with a limited processor and memory. I have one from a brand called Sigmatek. It cost me about 150$ a year ago, but it’s the worst buy ever. It’s slow, hangs all the time (which means rebooting, etc). So your best bet is to stick with the larger brands.


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