Arkansas TAPP Overview

This is an overview of Arkansas’s evaluation of the The Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) Initiative from 2006. EAST is a performance-based learning environment utilizing community service, project-based, service learning, integrated with advanced technological applications in an interdisciplinary environment. Among the 16 student outcomes that were studied, analyses indicated that participation in the EAST program appears to have a positive, statistically reliable impact on students in five major domains, including students’ problem-solving, motivation and self-directed learning.

The Texas Virtual School Network

An innovative model gives districts access to–and funding for–online courses to meet the challenge of rigorous state graduation requirements. This article was written by Barbara Smith, Texas Virtual School Project Director.

Implementing Digital Math Curricula

Indiana Educators Share Their Experience of Replacing Math Textbooks with Digital Materials. This article was written by Zach Foughty and John Keller, SETDA member and Director of Learning Technologies.

Class of 2020 – Action Plan for Education

SETDA’s Class of 2020: Action Plan for Education Project includes the development of the five publications listed below designed to create a succinct message addressing technology’s transformative role in education in the hopes of informing future education and workforce development policy at the state and federal levels.

State Education Policy Center

State Education Policy Center (SEPC) is a database of state policies related to education and technology curated by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA). Find links to SEPC listings for each state within our membership listings here on, or visit SEPC to browse policy across the US.

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