Congressional Research Services

State Broadband Initiatives: Selected State and Local Approaches to Address the Digital Divide

The Congressional Research Service issued the following report highlighting models of state broadband leadership and solutions to inform plans around efficiently delivering broadband to all areas, especially under-served regions:

State Broadband Initiatives: Selected State and Local Approaches as Potential Models for Federal Initiatives to Address the Digital Divide

The report is a close cousin to SETDA’s various iterations of The Broadband Imperative and highlights the great work of many of our SETDA members. We may want to lean on its content to shine a light on our own best-practices programs and argue for CARES Act and other funding sources to expand broadband in our states and regions.

2020 EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit

Join CoSN, ISTE, SETDA, and SIIA for a Summit focusing on the critical role of technology in transforming education. This year we’ll be focused on shaping decision makers’ opinions about the future of the E-rate, student data privacy, edtech appropriations, and the homework gap. With Congress and the political landscape shifting, this year’s Summit provides a new opportunity to tell your story about how digital learning benefits your students, teachers, families, and communities.

State K12 Leadership Broadband Map

This online story map provides real time details regarding State K-12 Broadband Leadership. The story map includes the following details: state leadership, state network details, regional network details, alternative model details, state strategies & state broadband funding

Image Cover: State Wi-Fi Leadership for Fostering Digital Learning Ready K-12 Schools: Extending the Broadband Imperative II

State Wi-Fi Leadership for Fostering Digital Learning Ready K-12 Schools

This paper explores the steps states are taking to address the wireless equity gaps that exist among their schools. Leaders from Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Utah outline the planning, policy, funding, and management approaches their state agencies and education technology leaders are adopting regarding Wi-Fi, and they share their recommendations for promoting and/or creating equitable access opportunities to high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity.

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