Gurnee District eLearning-Day Summary Report (IL)

Gurnee School District 56 utilized an E-Learning Day on February 9, 2018. This document represents the feedback report as required through the pilot acceptance contract. A description of the process and evidence used to verify that a minimum of five clock hours of instruction or schoolwork was provided for each student participating on the eLearning Day.

eLearning Day Best Practice Considerations and Checklist (Indiana)

While this checklist is intended to be a resource for schools working to implement eLearning Days, it may not represent all necessary considerations. Additional items may be identified at the local level. These considerations are not mandated, they are intended to provide guidance as you work to build and scale high-quality eLearning Day experiences for your students.

Checklist for Distance Learning

The AFT is providing useful and regularly updated guidance for how teachers, school staff and local K-12 leaders can be prepared for the coronavirus. Make sure you ask the right questions to see if your school’s or district’s planning is comprehensive, clear and collaborative.

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