SETDA Private Sector Partners have a unique opportunity for meaningful engagement with State Members throughout the year including significant participation in multiple networking events. Partners gain insight into SETDA Members’ efforts as they plan and implement state initiatives, and Partners have access to timely research and news — valuable resources for companies advancing education policy and practice. Private Sector Partners will be able to stay at the forefront of education and technology policy and practice through their partnership with SETDA.

A SETDA partnership provides companies with prominence in communications with State Members, events and activities. This guaranteed visibility, insight into market trends, and access to state leaders has proven beneficial to companies of all kinds. More specifically, a partnership with SETDA provides public-private collaboration through unique opportunities, such as:

  • Company-led R&D focus groups
  • Participation at two annual leadership events
  • Access to influential state and national level ed tech leadership
  • Product demonstrations
  • Monthly State Member webinars
  • Email updates regarding federal and state initiatives, conferences and events, pertinent research and more
  • Joint development of reports and case studies
  • Tailored promotions
  • Networking events and opportunities

Platinum Annual Partnerships Print Version

Gold Annual Partnerships Print Version


A SETDA partnership provides a unique opportunity for public-private collaboration in a variety of ways throughout the year. A Gold Partnership includes a pre-set package of benefits while a Platinum Partnership offers customized benefits packages that will boost visibility, help Partners gain additional knowledge of the ed tech sector, and provide further access to state ed tech leaders.


Get valuable feedback and insight from influential state and national leaders, including:

  • SETDA Members – meaningful dialogue through in-person events, monthly webinars and access to State Member contact information (to be used for individual contact and research)
  • SETDA Staff – technical assistance and thought leadership

Get access to valuable information, education and ed tech news and State Members

  • Get ongoing education and ed tech updates including federal and state news, conferences and events, trends, research, advocacy efforts, and State Member-specific information
  • Connect with SETDA for national policy leadership and advocacy initiatives
  • Participate in SETDA’s monthly membership webinars and other virtual meetings
  • Access State Member contact information (to be used for individual contact and research)

Assist in developing tools and reports

  • Collaborate with State Members in the creation of high visibility position papers featuring topics of interest (includes attribution)


Receive national visibility through the following:

  • Company recognition on the SETDA home page
  • Company-specific microsite on SETDA’s website (logo, description, contacts, and hyperlinks)
  • Logo inclusion on signage at SETDA’s two annual events (Emerging Technologies Forum and Leadership Summit) and on corresponding event-specific web pages on the SETDA website and the events’ mobile app
  • Use of SETDA Private Sector Partner Gold/Platinum Badge, respectively, to be used on print collateral and online assets for term of partnership
  • Opportunity to announce/promote new products and services in the “Strategic Partner News” section of the SETDA bi-weekly newsletter – sent to State Members and Partners (50 word limit, up to three times/year)

bonus An increase in the allotted word limit to 100 and frequency of up to six times/year for the announcement/promotion in the newsletter

bonus Company logo included in every bi-weekly SETDA newsletter

Event Participation
SETDA’s two annual events are routinely attended by members from more than 40 states. The events offer formal and informal opportunities to meet with national thought leaders, State Members and other partners to develop and build upon relationships, gain visibility and engage in meaningful conversation. Benefits also includes access to the pre-registration list of attendees and branding on event signage, web pages and mobile app.

bonus An additional company representative may participate (up to 3)

bonus Participation in additional half-day session, including breakfast

bonus An additional company representative may participate (up to 3)

*Referral credit – If an existing private sector partner refers another company to SETDA that becomes an annual Gold or Platinum Private Sector Partner, one additional company representative may attend either the Leadership Summit OR ET Forum (company representatives may not exceed four).

  • Receive discounted rates on additional event visibility opportunities

bonus Receive an increase in the amount of discounts on event visibility opportunities

bonus First right of refusal for any SETDA event or publication sponsorship opportunities (excluding Emerging Tech Forum and Leadership Summit sponsorship opportunities)

Platinum Partner Custom Packages

Platinum Partners can choose one of the following two custom packages to add to the core benefits outlined in the Annual Private Sector Partnerships section. The various packages offer opportunities to build relationships with industry leaders, gain additional access to research and resources made available through SETDA or increase opportunities for visibility. Some of the packages are limited in the number of companies who may participate.

Platinum “A” Package – Insight & Knowledge Emphasis

  • Take part in SETDA’s quarterly “States Sharing”/Brown Bag webinar series
  • Be an exclusive participant at a dinner with SETDA staff, board members and committee chairs, which may be at one of the following:
    • Summer board retreat in D.C.
    • State Member networking dinner at the Leadership Summit
    • Platinum Dinner (scheduled to occur in conjunction with an existing SETDA event)
  • Post company research publications and white papers on SETDA’s Private Sector Partner section – includes announcement of these publications in SETDA’s bi-weekly newsletter
  • Create an opportunity tailored specifically to your company’s needs and goals. For example:

Conduct a focus group (webinar or conference call) with 10-12 specific state directors to discuss an issue (SETDA will manage logistics)

Take advantage of one of the fee-based event opportunities at the Emerging Tech Forum or Leadership Summit at no cost

  • Participate in SETDA advisory call to provide input on agenda topics for monthly membership meeting topics

Platinum “B” Package – Visibility Emphasis

  • Be the “Featured Private Sector Partner” on the SETDA homepage for one month – includes Twitter and Facebook posts on SETDA social profiles every week for a month (available on a first come, first served basis and limited to 12 Private Sector Partners per year – 1/month)
  • Send additional company specific communication to SETDA membership (300 words max, limited to two times per year)
  • Distribute company collateral materials at one activity during one annual event
  • Include company messaging (up to 100 words and a logo) in the SETDA Happy Holidays newsletter
  • Include company collateral in SETDA “new member kit”
  • One additional company representative may attend Leadership Summit or Emerging Tech Forum (Total # of company representatives may not exceeed four)
  • Post company research publications and white papers on SETDA’s Private Sector Partner section – includes announcement of these publications in SETDA’s bi-weekly newsletter
  • Participate in SETDA advisory call to provide input on agenda topics for monthly membership meeting topics

Have another idea? We welcome your thoughts on how we can collaborate!

Special Targeted Option

This option is a designed for companies who need a customized consultation, a specialized session or focus group specifically tailored to the company’s needs. Partners may select ONE of the following two options. This package EXCLUDES all core benefits and is solely comprised of one concentrated, customized benefit as part of the partnership.

  • SETDA Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director will conduct a one-day face-to-face presentation/workshop about a mutually agreed upon topic of choice for company executives at any location in the continental U.S.
  • Conduct three focus groups (two online and one in-person) composed of SETDA Members representing 10-15 states. The online focus groups can be held at a date/time of choice, whereas the in-person focus group will be held in conjunction with either the ET Forum or Leadership Summit. At minimum, SETDA will guarantee that 10 of the 15 states specifically requested by the company will participate.

We also offer opportunities specifically designed for Statups and Emerging Companies.


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