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Learning Forward

Learning Forward’s mission is to build the capacity of leaders to establish and sustain highly effective professional learning. Learning Forward is the only association devoted exclusively to advancing professional learning to improve educator practice and student achievement. Learning Forward has more than 75,000 subscribers who represent every position in the education field. In addition, Learning Forward has more than 30 state-affiliated organizations that help to spread and scale our work. Learning Forward established the Standards for Professional Learning to support school systems in planning, organizing, and implementing comprehensive systems of professional learning. Learning Forward publishes research-based, practical tools for educational leaders, and organizes large-scale learning experiences. We provide direct assistance to school districts by facilitating large-scale programs for developing leaders, coaches, and teachers. Learning Forward convenes and facilitates communities of practice that share common challenges and collaborate to overcome problems and advance the state of practice and the field. We excel in supporting school districts and organizations to develop cultures of learning and improvement.

Learning Forward’s work with educators at all levels within a system is grounded in a theory of action that standards-based professional learning leads to changes in educator knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This leads to changes in educator practice, which in turn leads to improved student results.

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