2020 Leadership Summit

2020 Leadership Summit

November 16 & 17, 2020

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Partnership Information

For information on how your company can become engaged with SETDA’s membership at the Leadership Summit, please contact Melissa Greene at [email protected].

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2020 Leadership Summit

Overview: Inspiring, Celebrating and Activating Leaders
The Leadership Summit brings state educational leaders together to participate in this unique professional learning opportunity. Leaders from more than 40 state departments of education, including leaders in educational technology, assessment, instructional materials and professional development, along with SETDA’s Private Sector Partners attend. The event is designed to foster in-depth dialogue coupled with collaborative work. As part of the Summit, SETDA hosts sessions to shine a spotlight on the full scope of the digital transformation of policy and practice underway in K-12 education and includes VIP guests from the executive leadership from national educational organizations, policy makers and representatives from think-tanks and various federal agencies to attend and participate as keynote speakers, panelists and working group participants.

Highlights of the Summit

  • States sharing examples of educational technology policies, practices and exemplary examples
  • In-depth topic discussions on the most pressing national, educational technology issues
  • Student Voices Award and Panel: an opportunity to hear from students enrolled in leading educational technology programs
  • Corporate presentations on new and innovative technologies for education
  • Updates from the U.S. Department of Education, the FCC and other federal agencies
  • SETDA membership meeting
  • Annual Awards
  • Informal networking with state leaders

Become an Event Partner

To learn about Partnership Opportunities to engage with our state members at the Summit, contact Melissa Greene at [email protected].

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