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SETDA Leaders Identify State Digital Learning Priorities

State Digital Learning Priorities. Personalized Learning. Computer Science and Alignment Standards. Open Education Resources Go Open. Accessibility of Instructional Materials and Devices. Broadband Access to School. Professional Learning for Digital Learning.In preparation for the SETDA 2018 Leadership Summit, we asked attendees to identify their state’s top priorities when it comes to digital teaching and learning. There were over 30 priorities identified as a focus across the country with six priorities garnering the most energy from state leaders. In priority order, states called out: Personalized Learning, Computer Science and Alignment Standards, Open Education Resources/#GoOpen, Accessibility of Instructional Materials and Devices, Broadband Access to School, and Professional Learning for Digital Learning.

Over the next year, SETDA will highlight examples of how states are tackling each of these priorities, the success they have seen thus far and what challenges they have encountered.  SETDA will also help states working on common priorities connect with each other to support their work and address common problems of practice. Additionally, state leaders can connect with private sector partners working in the priority area of interest.  It is worth noting that each of these top priorities stretch across multiple areas of the state agency and should involve educational technology leaders as well as curriculum leaders, exceptional children’s leaders, data and technology leaders, and professional learning leaders. We hope all will come to the table to connect and share.

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