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SETDA Coalition for eLearning

Just launched! – SETDA’s Coalition for eLearning, with support and resources for states and districts ramping up for virtual learning opportunities. Visit

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The power of SETDA is in collective action. SETDA represents the collective capacity and resources of digital learning leaders from all U.S. states and territories, as well as affiliate members and private sector partners. SETDA Coalitions are examples of how leaders can focus a powerful network of policy makers, influencers, and thought leaders to produce solutions on a national scale.

Resources for school districts include:

  • Rationale and research on why limiting disruption to learning opportunities is critical
  • Communication tools for state, district and school stakeholders
  • Access to partner solutions: an aggregation of free or reduced-price solutions including content, online tools, broadband/device access and webinar tools
  • Examples of state and district policies for eLearning days
  • District pilot examples from at least three states
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