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Online Learning Key Terms and Definitions

Online Learning Key Terms and Definitions

As the number of online learners across the country continues to grow and the group of stakeholders in online and blended learning expands – teachers, administrators, parents and legislators, commercial providers – the need for a common vocabulary increases. The field is becoming jargon heavy, with different segments of digital learning community using some unique terms interchangeably, or misrepresenting aspects on online and blended learning through a simply misunderstanding the most widely accepted definition of a key term.

A quick search of the web provides a number of truncated lists of key terms and definitions for online and blended learning. We have attempted to assemble a more complete list of key terms and definitions in an attempt to help standardize the language around online and blended, and make research in to digital learning space more convenient. The members of the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance hope you find this aggregated set of key terms and definitions useful.


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