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Learn21, a nonprofit dedicated to K12 education, combines over 50 years of experience in edtech leadership and software development. We specialize in cost-effective software solutions, personalized coaching in pedagogical and instructional technology, and innovative educational software, focusing on enhancing learning outcomes.

Our Tech Director Toolbox offers essential IT tools for edtech leaders, promoting efficient workflows. This includes Asset Manager, K12 Helpdesk, Identity Management, and Rostering tools, all aligned with ITSM principles. Our professional team collaborates with schools to develop new learning models, enhancing student and teacher performance.

The standout edWise solution provides in-depth student data analytics, assessment management, and data walls for actionable educational insights. Beyond our services, Learn21 is an active participant in educational advocacy as the Ohio CoSN chapter, an ISTE Affiliate, and Student Data Privacy Alliance, championing K12 school needs.

Our commitment transcends software and services; it’s about passion for education and easing educators’ challenges. This passion fuels our client relationships, drives our innovative solutions, and addresses K-12 educational challenges. We’re dedicated to improving the educational landscape for administrators, teachers, parents, and students, reflecting our deep commitment to educational excellence and innovation.

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