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SETDA Applauds the Appointment of Rosenworcel to FCC

FCC-AltLogo.svg_-300x300Last night, the U.S. Senate confirmed theFederal Communications Commission (“FCC”) nominations of Jessica Rosenworcel (D) and Brendan Carr (R)  to serve as FCC Commissioners.  This brings the FCC to its full complement of 5 Commissioners.

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) endorsed President Trump’s nomination of Jessica Rosenworcel to serve on the FCC.  As the FCC oversees the vital E-rate and Lifeline programs and considers other national connectivity strategies, Ms. Rosenworcel will be a strong, innovative, and collaborative addition to the agency’s leadership.

SETDA is the principal membership association representing U.S. state and territorial digital learning leaders that serves and supports the emerging interests of our members with respect to the use of technology for teaching, learning, and school operations. SETDA’s members work daily to ensure that their states have the technology infrastructure and high capacity broadband connections required to support world-class teaching, learning, and school operations. States, communities and carriers have achieved incredible connectivity improvements over the past decade and additional broadband expansions are on the horizon. Nonetheless, many rural and high cost areas still lack the broadband speeds required to power teaching and learning in and out of school. Continued federal support, through the FCC’s Universal Service program and other initiatives, will be essential to overcoming these hurdles.

Ms. Rosenworcel deeply understands the country’s service gaps and network shortcomings and the difficult work underway to address them for students and their families. Her knowledge and experience will undoubtedly contribute to the FCC’s efforts to ensure all students have access to the high capacity broadband they need to succeed academically.

Commissioners Rosenworcel and Carr will begin working immediately, upon swearing in, with Chairman Pai and Commissioners Clyburn and O’Rielly.

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